About Sewer Master Private Sewer Lateral Contractor

Sewer Master is a local bay area company specializing in private sewer lateral repair, trenchless sewer installation, plumbing and underground engineering. Sewer Master has over 20 years experience in building, plumbing and underground construction in the bay area. Our knowledge of sewers is what we are master in, providing solutions for your sewer repair needs that fit your budget. We understand how buildings are constructed, which adds to our experience to our solutions to your plumbing and sewer repairs.

Sewer Master is a Private Sewer Lateral (PSL) compliance contractor obtaining East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) Private Sewer Lateral certifications for real estate agents, property buyers and developers.

Sewer Master Private Sewer Lateral service includes performing site investigations, video inspections and an assessment of what is required to obtain the EBMUD Private Sewer Lateral certificate for your property. Sewer Master is also available to provide sewer inspections for potential sellers and buyers who are planning to sell or buy property.

Sewer Master is here to assist real estate agents in giving excellent service by providing expedient video inspection, estimates, repair and/or new installations of sewers and obtain the EBMUD Private Sewer Lateral certification that is required for real estate property closing documents. Sewer Master is an affiliate member of the Oakland Realtors Association (OAR) www.oar.org.