Castro Valley Sewer Inspection Protocol

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1. Call or email a request for inspection to Sewer Master for the free initial sewer inspection. 

Sewer Master will come to the property and look for a clean-out to perform a video inspection review. If no clean-out is present, you will be offered a quote to install a clean-out. NOTE: Sewer Master does not use the toilet as a video access point due to it could damage the video equipment and the interior toilet plumbing. 

2. If a clean-out is accessible and able to be opened, Sewer Master will video inspect the sewer for compliance prior to the CVSan inspection. 

3. Sewer Master will then inform the customer of the sewer compliance results prior the CVSan inspector video review. 

Scheduling CVSan sewer inspection. 

Either the homeowner, realtor or contractor can go online, purchase and schedule a sewer inspection for $230.00 by going online to NOTE: We will have to perform the free initial inspection prior to scheduling the CVSan sewer inspection. 

The CVSan inspector will need the sewer video inspection recorded on a scandisk or flash drive to take to their office for further review. Sewer Master charges $175.00 for the recorded sewer video for the CVSan inspector. 

For more information about the Castro Valley sewer certificate program, please visit their website at 

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