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Excellent communications and work, with the desired outcome achieved at a reasonable cost. We highly recommend Sewer Master.

Patrick K S., Berkeley, CA

Vincent Gaines and the Sewer Master's Team are reliable, extremely professional and efficient. They are my preferred vendor for all of my sewer lateral compliance needs. 

Felicia Duncan, Realtor

Vincent was a true pro. Quick to reply, quick to schedule, quick to finish the job. Speaking of the job, the quality of the work was great.

Peter W. Sunnyvale, CA

Vincent was awesome. Sewer Master saved the day. Needed a replacement immediately and Vincent worked his magic. Very professional. 

Daniel H. Pleasanton, CA

When should I call Sewer Master?
Call Sewer Master when you have a client that is thinking about selling their house and when you enter into contract to sell a house.
What do you need to get started?

Sewer Master needs the following information:
1. Address of the property.
2. Property vacant or are homeowners present?
3. Contact name and phone number of current resident.
4. Lock Box combination.
5. Your contact information, including email address.

Do I need to be present during the site assessment and video inspection?
Sewer Master does not require a real estate agent to be present.
Real estate agents, potential property seller/owners are welcome to be present during the site assessment and video inspection process.

When will you have an estimate available?
Sewer Master will have the estimate emailed to you within 24 hours.

What does Sewer Master need to begin work?
Sewer Master needs the estimate signed and the deposit that in stated on the estimate.

How long will it take to obtain the EBMUD PSL Certificate?

It will take up to (3) three working days for repair and new trenchless installation sewers, depending on the depth of the private sewer lateral. Once the City and EBMUD inspections are signed an email will be sent to you with your EBMUD PSL certificate attached.

Do I need to be present for the sewer inspection?
You don’t have to be present unless you want to, have a dog or the inspector needs access to a locked area. 95% of the inspection is outside and underneath the building and usually, take between 20-30 minutes. You can also request to have the inspector text you before their arrival.

How does Sewer Master receive final payment?
 Sewer Master will receive final payment once the sewer certificate is issued, the property restored and the site is clean of debris. Final payment can be in the form of a personal or cashiers check, online credit card payment and cash. Sewer Master will accept payment out of escrow payment from a title company. For other payment options please call the office at (510) 385-6539. 

What does Sewer Master need to start work?
Sewer Master needs the estimate signed and a deposit to start work. The deposit can be mailed to our post office or we can send you an online credit card invoice for the deposit. Once the deposit is received, the office will contact USA North “call before you dig” and allow them 72 hours to locate the underground utilities in the work area. During the 72 hours, we will obtain permits and schedule inspections for the sewer project.

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