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Excellent communications and work, with the desired outcome achieved at a reasonable cost. We Highly recommend Sewer Master.
Patrick K S., Berkeley, CA

Felicia Duncan, Realtor

"It has been such a pleasure working with Sewer Master. As a Realtor I am in constant need of reliable service professionals to help me satisfy my customers. Not only has Vincent Gaines and the Sewer Master's Team been reliable, but they have been extremely professional, flexible and efficient all of which have made them my preferred vendor for all of my sewer lateral compliance needs. I don't use anyone else because there is no need too."

Maria P. San Francisco, CA

We were going to get three estimates but after our second with Vincent, we knew we wanted to go with Sewer Master. We are very pleased we did! Vincent is very professional. He takes the time to explain everything. He even came by the day of service to make sure everything was going well. He takes pride in his work and it shows in his team.

Don Dumbar, Realtor

The Sewer Master Private Sewer Lateral Contractors are the master of Sewer Lateral work they start on time and finish before time Great leadership

Steve Jeck. Oakland, CA

I was informed that I’d need to obtain a sewer lateral compliance a week before my house was scheduled to close. Frankly, I thought this was impossible. But when I contacted Vincent Gaines of Sewer Master, I was quickly provided with an estimate that significantly beat the competition and a schedule that would accomplish this task in time for my closing. Not only did Mr. Gaines execute the work required and obtain the sewer lateral compliance certificate in time for my closing, he did it ahead of schedule! Having remodeled several houses, I know how difficult it can be to find a contractor that shows up, let alone accomplishes what he promises. Mr. Gaines and Sewer Master were not only true to their word, they accomplished what I thought was impossible by working with the Inspectors to get the certificate in time for my closing. Sewer Master is the kind of company that I am happy to recommend to anyone needing to get a sewer lateral compliance.

Georgia W. Richardson, Broker

I am a Real Estate Broker in Oakland and I have serviced the real estate needs of my clients in the Bay Area for over 26 years on several levels. The recent sewer lateral ordinance in Oakland has created another layer of inspections and negotiations to our real estate transactions. When one of my elderly clients was faced with an unexpected sewer repair during a sales transaction, Vincent Gaines offered a professional, speedy, economical solution for my clients. With a limited timeline in the contract, Vincent got a major sewer line job completed to everyone’s satisfaction and he stands behind his work! Sewer Master is my sewer line specialist of choice!

Matt – Oakland, CA – Montclair District

After trying out two former sewer professionals who advised me that my barely 20 year old cast iron pipes would not pass the strict EBMUD private sewer lateral test, I was referred to Sewer Master. With the mystique of such a name, I met Vince onsite at my house. He confidently looked around the paved hillside street and recognized a hidden manhole to do his first test. I was impressed that in a matter of minutes he was already figuring out the unknown layout beneath the street , a labyrinth of pipes owned by the utility company. Next he did survey of my sewer pipe and used a tool reminiscent of a sonar beacon to pinpoint where my property’s pipe connected to the main – all without spending thousands to dig holes. He smiled and confidently drafted a proposal that included two prices to get the required testing performed. The next day the team was back making a small cutout in the driveway to prepare the balloons used to plug both the lower and upper regions of my pipe’s length. After Vince took care of all the paperwork and permits, he scheduled a followup to get the testing done. By the time I walked outside to ask if they were going to start work today, Vince smiled and handing me the EBMUD inspector’s report. I was thrilled to see pass written on the paperwork. It is no mystery why Sewer Master has the eyes and wisdom of a ninja. Well done and thoroughly impressed with their performance and schedule.

Benjamin – Oakland, CA

From the moment I spoke with Sewer Masters about my sewage line issue, they impressed me with their detailed yet simple explanation of the problem and the available options to resolve the issue. Once we agreed on the option, they scheduled and completed the work in a very safe and efficient manner, which was seamless to the residents at the property. After the job was completed, they went beyond what I expected and provided me with a list of payment options to make it easier for me to handle this unexpected expense. As a customer, Sewer Masters exceeded my expectations.

Ken Johnson – Homeowner

For the past couple of years I have had a problem with my sewer that I have been “snaking” the line myself,only to have the same problem re occur within months.The work required me to work underneath the house in a cramped space which was uncomfortable to say the least. I decided to get professional help and, am I happy I called “The Sewer Master”. They fixed my sewer,put a clean out valve in the driveway for easier access all within a very short period of time.They were punctual,thorough, and kept the area clean. I would recommend them to anyone who needs to have sewer work done!

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